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Managing Softly is a book written by me. It has been published in US. You can buy it clicking here. To discover 12 reasons to read that book, click here.

In order to promote my book, I have decided to create this blog following a simple idea: I publish the whole book on my blog. But I provide only few pages at a time, day after day.

Here is what I promise you:

- 100% of the book will be published on the blog.
- Each page of the book will be published at least one time.
- I will post two times a week.
- I will do my best to answer to your comments quickly.
- You will read the whole book if you read the blog, weekly, during months (assuming you started to read the blog since the first post).

Here is what I can’t offer you:

- To let the archives available, otherwise you will get the entire book for free. And I want you buy it. Again, to discover 12 reasons to get that book, click here.

Enjoy your reading!



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